Next gig: 24th March 2018, The Gladstone Arms, 64 Lant Street, SE11 1QN

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Alys and the D90s
Simon Drums Alys Vocals Guitar Martin Bass



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October 2017



Alys and the D90s

After stints together and apart in a number of bands, Alys and Martin finally parted musical ways...Martin pursuing the indie rock dream...Alys going it alone with an acoustic guitar.

But after a while Martin asked Alys, because he thought she was a bit lonely, if she needed someone up on stage with her. She said yes.

Martin grabbed his bass and joined the little singer songwriter.

But something was missing.

A beat.

After a series of drummers, one slightly mad, one slightly curly, Sir Simon has a permanent spot on the stool.

Martin and Simon give Alys' songs an exciting kick up the proverbial; and they are now Alys and The D90s.

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